Adherence to our business principles delivers superior economic success for our clients.

Our clients and their capital come before all other interests

Delivering success for our clients will also deliver genuine, sustainable success for Ekistics and the entire team.

We strive to deliver sustainable, market-leading returns to our clients

Providing our clients with superior economic success builds our capital base and enables the retention and recruitment of our employees.

Our reputation, our people and our balance sheet are our most important assets

We will not compromise with any of these assets, and we recognise and accept that our reputation is of the utmost importance.

We go to exceptional lengths to identify and recruit the right person for each and every position

Talent is recruited one person at a time. Each person will be market-leading in their role and able to demonstrate the embodiment of the firm’s values through their professional and personal achievements.

We value teamwork and collaboration in all that we seek to achieve

Each employee is encouraged to be innovative in their thinking. The results of a collective team effort will often surpass even the most exceptional individual talents. We do not tolerate selfish and self-promoting behaviour.

Our employees are uncompromising in their standards and committed to the firm’s shared values

We believe that hard work and shared values are an integral part of Ekistics’ success.

We work with important people on confidential matters that are important to them, we do not betray their trust

People and companies share their most important information with us. Our duty of confidentiality is absolute.

We value people according to their achievements and their character

Advancement comes from achievement and the embodiment of our values.

We are proud of our work, humble about our achievements and uncompromising in our standards

Our clients expect market-leading work from us which reflects our absolute adherence to standards – we are confident that these things stand on their own.

We act with integrity – we are honest with our clients, our shareholders, our colleagues and ourselves

We are at all time courteous, honest and fair with those around us. We are cognizant of our position and aware of our role.

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