Differentiated Investment Methodology

Ekistics applies a scalable, data-driven, systematic investment methodology combining the identification of fundamental long-term macroeconomic drivers that substantiate an asset’s underlying investment thesis with the detailed analysis of specific asset characteristics. This approach is complemented by highly meticulous micro market analysis, asset underwriting, financial analysis as well as legal, financial and technical due diligence.

Asset Management Expertise

The Ekistics team has built up significant expertise in value-add asset management, which it tends to implement in close collaboration with local operating partners. Based on its data-supported monitoring of asset level performance as well as micro and broader real estate capital market development, Ekistics delivers transformational asset management strategies and identifies optimal exit dates within the context of an asset’s life cycle and the real estate capital market within which it sits. This has resulted in a number of well-timed, successful investment realizations.


The Ekistics team has a substantial, highly diverse experience of successfully investing across Europe (UK, Germany, Spain), and across asset classes (office, logistics/industrial, residential, hotel, data center, student accommodation and leisure). The team has in excess of 50 years and US$ 6.3billion worth of investment, advisory and transaction experience.

Track Record &
Zero Capital Loss

The Ekistics team has a track record of zero capital loss with respect to all individual investments made within EREP I (both realized and projected). Out of a total of thirteen investments, nine have been successfully realized as of Q2 2018.

Strong Coverage

The Ekistics team has a wide and deep network of relationships with asset owners, financial institutions and market intermediaries in its key target geographies. Ekistics focuses on proprietary origination channels and seeks to avoid large competitive processes.

Significant Investment Discipline

As evidenced by the EREP I track record and coverage performance, the Ekistics team demonstrates extraordinary investment discipline, having executed thirteen investments out of 1040 potential opportunities analyzed, representing a 1.3% acceptance rate.

Business Principles